Many aspects of the game’s difficulty can be adjusted.  There is the usual how much damage the enemy does or how much health they have.  Then there are the helpers with options like enabling auto-mapping before you find the magic map or whether you want auto pause at certain times.  I cannot remember another game with this many options for tweaking the difficulty level.

The puzzles in The Fall of The Dungeon Guardians are quite clever.  There is no hand-holding or even hints as to what to do.  Eagle eye observation is also required for some puzzles.  Many times I have passed an area and did not notice that key thing that was required for a puzzle.

In general, I hate puzzles, but I was quite impressed with how they were presented in the game.  Most likely I will get stuck and start reading walkthroughs though.

The controls are very easy to use and the whole game can be controlled entirely with the mouse alone.  For people like me, there are plenty of shortcut keys and they are fully customisable as well.

The music sounds nice.  Unfortunately, there are only a handful of tracks so it does keep repeating.  The good thing is, it does not grow annoying with time.

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