There is plenty of loot to collect and upgrade your party with, but there are no shops or people to buy and sell with.  It makes sense because you are in a prison dungeon, but also makes the game more boring.

The characters feel very bland.  There is banter between them, but they say the same thing over and over again just using different words.  Every now and again they will say something useful, but overall their conversations act more like sleeping spells.

Despite the myriad of options to tweak the difficulty of the game, there is no option for monster respawning. The developer did say that they wanted players to think tactically rather than being able to grind their way to higher levels to defeat bosses, but the side effect is, backtracking to explore missed areas becomes very boring. Inspired by Might and Magic, but also more boring than Might and Magic. There are options for so many other things, why not monster respawning?

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