About Posidyn Games Information Base


I play a lot of games. I have been playing games since I got my first computer back in 1985. This website is to put all the games knowledge that I have accumulated through the years to good use.

I review all games that I have and any new ones that I get in the future. Any interesting information I find about the game will also be put here. This also includes mods I use and any fixes for the games. In my course of playing games, sometimes I do return to old games to play them. If I find anything new during replay I will update the game pages accordingly.

My secondary purpose for this website is to learn up web technology. As I learn, I try to apply it to this site. As such, this website is constantly evolving, sometimes faster and sometimes slower.

On 9th of April 2011, the Recommend me a Game tool was made live. This was the first online automated tool to recommend a game based on user input. Since first release I have been making many upgrades to the tool as the ideas keep flowing in. This tool has now been incorporated directly into the game rankings page.

On 18th of March 2012, the Game Comparer went live. This used the underlying framework of the Recommend me a Game tool to provide the first online automated tool to compare two games.

Sure it is good fun to write about games and it also makes me think when ranking games for the tools, but why not let others add their rankings too. This site now allows you to rank your games which in turn influences the main game rankings and the game comparer. You can also write your own articles about games if you so desire. All this requires you to register on this site though.

Global Biases

All the reviews are biased and I state my biases openly. Here are a few global biases that I have for all games I review.

  1. I favour gameplay over graphics. I do not care if a game has unshaded polygons as long as you can do a lot with those polygons.
  2. Since I do not think much of graphics, for some older games I will still say it has good graphics even though it is not state-of-the-art.
  3. Most of my biases are based on previous games I have played. In my older reviews, I listed all the games in the genre of the reviewed game that I could think of. Each new review after that, I copied that games list over. I have realised that this was quite pointless as a lot of times I do not remember a lot of the older games. Now I only list the games that pop into mind while I am reviewing the current game.
  4. Some people might like some games but not like others. Here you can see where I am coming from and you can make up your own mind whether the review is good or not based on the biases I have provided.
  5. I tend to play single-player only modes. Mainly because I just cannot seem to get a decent connection speed to any games. The other reason is, the games I play tend not to be popular enough to have people playing online. Given the opportunity though, I do play multiplayer games.
  6. I tend to play older games because they are cheaper to acquire.