Monthly Archives: June 2016

Get SPACECOM DRM-Free; for free!

This freebie has expired.   Humble Bundle’s Humble PC & Android Bundle 14 has SPACECOM available for free!  Just submit your email address and they will send you a link to a download page.  The download is available for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Star Wars: Dark Forces

Dark Forces was the first game to bring Star Wars to the world of first-person shooters. Play as Kyle Katarn, an Imperial Officer turned mercenary, as he fights his way through an Imperial base, mine, robot factory, Coruscant and even The Executor. Release Date: February 1995. Pros: The story is quite interesting. Kyle Katarn steals… Read the full article »

Nox – Free From Origin/EA

This freebie has expired.   Nox is the next game that Origin/EA are giving away for free – I don’t know anything about it except that it is an action RPG. I don’t know why I keep looking out for free games when I have 100+ games in my backlog.  Whatever the reason, Nox has… Read the full article »