Monthly Archives: January 2017

X-COM: UFO Defense is FREE for a limited time

This freebie has expired.   Humble Bundle is giving away X-COM: UFO Defense (a.k.a. UFO: Enemy Unknown).  You need a Steam account to claim it as there is no DRM-free option.  I do wonder whether after installing it, you can just back-up all the files and transfer to another PC.  Some old DOS games were simple… Read the full article »

SWAT 4 Gold Available from!

The awesome tactical first-person shooter from 2005 is once again available thanks to the wonderful crew at  If you do not know what SWAT 4 is, read this review.  If you already know what SWAT 4 is, what are you waiting for?

Zombie Shooter 2

Mow down more zombies with more weapons, more character choices and more ways to upgrade. Everything that was good about Zombie Shooter is back with more of everything that is good for decimating hordes and hordes of zombies. Release Date: July 2009. Pros: An improvement on the first Zombie Shooter, there are now characters that… Read the full article »

Origin Giving Mass Effect™ 2 for free!

This freebie has expired. As usual, an Origin account is needed and this is only for a limited time.  How long? No one really knows.  That is just how Origin’s On the House system works.