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SWAT 4 Gold Available from!

The awesome tactical first-person shooter from 2005 is once again available thanks to the wonderful crew at  If you do not know what SWAT 4 is, read this review.  If you already know what SWAT 4 is, what are you waiting for?

Skyrim: From Legendary to Special Edition

It has been nine months since I reviewed Skyrim Legendary Edtion.  I am very happy they released the Special Edition and gave it for free to all those who own Skyrim plus all the DLCs.  Although my review was up nine months ago, I have still been playing through Skyrim and by the looks of… Read the full article »

Dawn of War Mouse Offset Issue

There seems to be a compatibility issue with Dawn of War and Windows 10 with regards to the mouse cursor.  The display of the cursor is off to the left and if you go far enough, it goes completely out of the game with a cursor change. If I click when the cursor is out… Read the full article »

Dawn of War Box for Steam Key

I just discovered this message that said people that own boxed versions of Dawn of War can get Steam keys for them.  Although, I am very happy playing through the campaigns and single player skirmishes with the boxed version, I thought why not claim the Steam version anyway.  If I am lucky I might get… Read the full article »

Command & Conquer: Red Alert

It may be an old game, but it is still fun and you can get it completely free now. Download it from here. There are even people playing it online. I have not tried any online games yet, but the single player campaign and skirmish games work a treat.

Fix Act of War to Work on Newer PCs

I use these steps to get  Act of War: Direct Action and High Treason to run on my Windows 7 64 bit PC with 4Gb RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 525m 1Gb VRAM.  The original information for the fixes are in the links at the end. Install the game as normal. Install the latest patch. Download… Read the full article »