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Payday 2

Payday 2 is a cooperative multiplayer-focused first-person shooter RPG where you are part of the Payday gang of heisters completing contracts for various people. Pick your character, train your skills and arm yourself as you see fit. Then go forth and steal artworks with stealth, empty vaults of banks or fight your way through the… Read the full article »

Zombie Shooter 2

Mow down more zombies with more weapons, more character choices and more ways to upgrade. Everything that was good about Zombie Shooter is back with more of everything that is good for decimating hordes and hordes of zombies. Release Date: July 2009. Pros: An improvement on the first Zombie Shooter, there are now characters that… Read the full article »

X-COM: Interceptor

Take the helm of X-COM once again and combat the alien forces, this time in space. Get up close and personal as you fly the interceptors in space to shoot down UFOs and other undesirables. X-COM: Interceptor combines the strategy of UFO:Enemy Unknown with space combat simulation. Release Date: May 1998. Pros: Being a space… Read the full article »

Star Wars: Dark Forces

Dark Forces was the first game to bring Star Wars to the world of first-person shooters. Play as Kyle Katarn, an Imperial Officer turned mercenary, as he fights his way through an Imperial base, mine, robot factory, Coruscant and even The Executor. Release Date: February 1995. Pros: The story is quite interesting. Kyle Katarn steals… Read the full article »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

200 years after the events of Oblivion, move to the province of Skyrim to once again live another life in the world of The Elder Scrolls. The king is dead and the region has descended into civil war. To make matters worse, dragons have suddenly appeared, destroying everything in their path. Grab your sword, don… Read the full article »

Ys I & II Chronicles+

Ys I & II Chronicles+ is a remake of two Japanese action role-playing games from 1987-88. Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen and Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter have been given graphics, sound and music upgrades while retaining the classic story and gameplay. As Adol Christin, “bump” your way through all… Read the full article »

Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000

As a Xenomorph, eliminate your enemies silently, swiftly and from any direction. As a marine, pick up whatever weapons you can find and take down your foes. Or, be a Predator and hunt with your specialist equipment. Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 is the first first-person shooter that allows you to play as all three… Read the full article »