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DiRT 3 Complete Edition Free for a Limited Time

This freebie has expired.   Humble Bundle is giving away DiRT 3 Complete Edition free for a limited time.  At the time of writing, there is only one day and fourteen hours left for the giveaway.  The giveaway is for Steam only. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-3-complete-edition-free-game?hmb_campaign=dirt3_free_2016&hmb_source=bundle_page&hmb_medium=banner_cross Maybe it is time for me to get back into some driving… Read the full article »

Skyrim: From Legendary to Special Edition

It has been nine months since I reviewed Skyrim Legendary Edtion.  I am very happy they released the Special Edition and gave it for free to all those who own Skyrim plus all the DLCs.  Although my review was up nine months ago, I have still been playing through Skyrim and by the looks of… Read the full article »

Bookmarks Anywhere

This is not game related! Bookmarks Anywhere is now live at https://posidyn.com/ba/ Bookmarks Anywhere is a little tool that stores bookmarks that can be accessed from any browser. It even works on Lynx, but you need the version that can access HTTPS and it gives the error message “SSL error:Can’t find common name in certificate-Continue?”…. Read the full article »

Dawn of War Mouse Offset Issue

There seems to be a compatibility issue with Dawn of War and Windows 10 with regards to the mouse cursor.  The display of the cursor is off to the left and if you go far enough, it goes completely out of the game with a cursor change. If I click when the cursor is out… Read the full article »

Dawn of War Box for Steam Key

I just discovered this message that said people that own boxed versions of Dawn of War can get Steam keys for them.  Although, I am very happy playing through the campaigns and single player skirmishes with the boxed version, I thought why not claim the Steam version anyway.  If I am lucky I might get… Read the full article »

X-COM: Interceptor

Take the helm of X-COM once again and combat the alien forces, this time in space. Get up close and personal as you fly the interceptors in space to shoot down UFOs and other undesirables. X-COM: Interceptor combines the strategy of UFO:Enemy Unknown with space combat simulation. Release Date: May 1998. Pros: Being a space… Read the full article »

Get SPACECOM DRM-Free; for free!

This freebie has expired.   Humble Bundle’s Humble PC & Android Bundle 14 has SPACECOM available for free!  Just submit your email address and they will send you a link to a download page.  The download is available for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. https://www.humblebundle.com/pc-android-14-bundle

Star Wars: Dark Forces

Dark Forces was the first game to bring Star Wars to the world of first-person shooters. Play as Kyle Katarn, an Imperial Officer turned mercenary, as he fights his way through an Imperial base, mine, robot factory, Coruscant and even The Executor. Release Date: February 1995. Pros: The story is quite interesting. Kyle Katarn steals… Read the full article »

Nox – Free From Origin/EA

This freebie has expired.   Nox is the next game that Origin/EA are giving away for free – https://www.origin.com/en-th/store/free-games/on-the-house I don’t know anything about it except that it is an action RPG. I don’t know why I keep looking out for free games when I have 100+ games in my backlog.  Whatever the reason, Nox has… Read the full article »