On-Friday Freebies

Gang of Four is a 1-4 player card game from Days of Wonder/Asmodee Digital. Free on Steam until 05 April.

Pinball FX3 Care Package is free on Steam until 07 April.

Hob and Gone Home joins Drawful 2 as being available for free on Epic Games until 09 April.

It is still Friday, so this makes it in here as well. Symmetry is available for free on GOG.com for the next 47 hours.

Pre-Friday Freebies

I am a bit late for the party for some of these, but they are still available for free.

Rayman Legends is free on Uplay until tomorrow.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is free on Epic until 08 April.

Autobahn Police Simulator is free on Steam until 07 April. This game has mostly negative reviews though. I am interested to see what the keyboard driving is like.

Drawful 2 is free on Steam until 10 April and free on Epic until 09 April. This is a local multiplayer only game.

But Wait There’s Still More Freebies

Steam has got the following freebies:

Tomb Raider (2013). Free until 23 March.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. Free until 23 March.

Deiland. Free until 23 March.

Headsnatchers. Free until 22 March. I don’t know anything about the above 3 games, but Headsnatchers is a weird game that suffers terribly from not having enough players online. I cannot try local multiplayer, so maybe that is where the real fun is. The one game mode for single-player has been quite boring and frustrating for me.