Rolling Back Rolling Reviews

Rolling reviews are not working.  Each thought can be added to an overall review quickly, but sometimes there are multiple points that must go together. Unfortunately, these points can be thought up at different times and this simply disrupts the flow of already posted thoughts.  After two games, it is back to the normal review process.

Rolling Reviews

Time to get back to reviewing games (since I already play them) .  Time is also the issue.  Just don’t have the time to play the games enough to write full reviews in good time.  Let’s try rolling reviews.  As I play I will write whatever comes to mind at that time for that thing.  Over time it will build up to be a complete review anyway.

Another plus for the rolling review is, years later I may return to a game and find something new and update the review.  Games get updates, why not game reviews too?

The framework is ready.  I just hope this site holds together as I have overloaded the standard WordPress stuff in every way imaginable.

My old reviews from the Posidyn Games Information Base will also be returning, albeit in a very bare bones form.

Change Table Prefix on WP Install

When installing WordPress it is a good idea to change the default table prefix “wp_” to something else.  It may not help with security that much, but there is no harm in making the quick change.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.  Changing the table prefix after installation is very complicated.  Well, complicated to me anyway.

Here is an article with a good following discussion about the default table prefix –

And here is a view from the other side of “the fence” –

Bookmarks Anywhere is Back

Bookmarks Anywhere now live at

Bookmarks Anywhere is a little tool that stores bookmarks that can be accessed from any browser. It even works on Lynx, but you need the version that can access HTTPS and it gives the error message “SSL error:Can’t find common name in certificate-Continue?”. It still works, though.

I did not make Bookmarks Anywhere for Lynx, though. Instead, it was made for the Kindle e-reader. Sometimes, I just want to read certain pages on a Kindle. This tool makes it easier to do so. No app required. Everything is done through a browser. Just log in and go.

As much as I have tried to make Bookmarks Anywhere as safe and reliable as possible, it is still a “use at your own risk” tool.

Although Bookmarks Anywhere does not look anything like the rest of, the tool still requires cookies to work properly.

Just to be clear, there is one advertisement at the bottom of the bookmarks list page.

To keep things tidy, accounts that have not been accessed for one year will be deleted.

Fix Act of War to Work on Newer PCs

I use these steps to get  Act of War: Direct Action and High Treason to run on my Windows 7 64 bit PC with 4Gb RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 525m 1Gb VRAM.  The original information for the fixes are in the links at the end.

  1. Install the game as normal.
  2. Install the latest patch.
  3. Download the Proper Windows 7 Fix for Act of War.
  4. copy the d3d9.dll file from the to the game installation folder.
  5. Download CFF Explorer from here.
  6. Run CFF Explorer and open ActOfWar.exe or ActOfWar_HighTreason.exe in the games’ installation folder.  Make sure to backup those files before modifying.
  7. Select Nt Headers -> File Header on the left column and click on the Click here on the row with Characteristics.
  8. Check the box that says App can handle >2gb address space.   Click OK.  If this box was already checked, then there is nothing to do and you can skip this whole CFF Explorer section.
  9. Save the modified file.
  10. Set the compatibility mode for ActOfWar.exe or ActOfWar_HighTreason.exe to be Windows Vista (Service Pack 1).  Also set the file to run as administrator.
  11. Inside the game installation folder there is a folder EugLoadingBar.  Inside this folder set the file EugLoadingBar.exe to run as administrator and have compatibility mode of  Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

An error message does pop up when starting Direct Action, but when you click OK, the game loads as normal.

Sometimes Direct Action will still crash on start up.   Rebooting the PC seems to fix this nicely.   Annoying but at least I still get to see this:

I needed to get a different version of ActOfWar_HighTreason.exe and fixed it to get the game running.

Thank you to the nice person at Proper Windows 7 Fix for Act of War for making the good fix file for the games.  There are instructions in the zip file too.

Thank you to the nice person at Permenant fix for AOW – High Treason runtime error at start and having to set mem lim for sharing the fix.