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Residency Calculator 1.9 Released - 17 November, 2020

Fixed selected locations and dates not deleting if the screen is rotated after selecting locations and dates. When a location has been selected (either for export or delete), the add new location button is now disabled.

Residency Calculator 1.8 Released - 20 June, 2020

Fixed calculation of days stayed resulting in negative days. When changing entry/exit dates, non-spinner calendars could select dates that are disabled. Made these calendars validate the selected date before saving and corrupting the entry/exit dates. The validation occurs when “ok” is pressed. A message will pop-up if validation fails.

Residency Calculator 1.7 Released - 3 May, 2020

Now with the ability to predict pass dates. For special condition calculations, if the calculation “to date” is after the last date for the given location and the last date is an entry date, the predicted pass date is shown.

Residency Calculator 1.6 Released - 26 January, 2020

Added special condition calculator for Canadian Citizenship.

Residency Calculator 1.5 Released - 31 May, 2019

Fixed a bug where unhighlighted locations would get deleted.

Residency Calculator 1.4 Released - 15 April, 2019

Fixed a bug where the calculate “to date” would reset when the screen is rotated. This would only happen when there is only one entry date and that entry date is today or a future date. Colour theme has been changed away from the default. YAY!

Residency Calculator 1.3 Released - 11 February, 2019

Can now export and import locations. Duplicate location names are allowed, but they are treated as different locations. Requires new permissions to read and write to external storage. Modified the Residency Calculator page change date picker title to be Change “to date”. Added blank line separation before Australian Citizenship calculation result. Updated help for changing … Continue reading “Residency Calculator 1.3 Released”

Calendar Cannot Pick Max Limit Date - 6 February, 2019

Known issue with Residency Calculator. This issue seems to be a problem only with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. If you change an entry/exit date that is not the last date, there is a maximum date limit that you can change the entry/exit date to. This maximum date limit is the day just before the next entry/exit … Continue reading “Calendar Cannot Pick Max Limit Date”

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About the App

Given entry and exit dates, calculates how long you have stayed at a place.

Add a location giving it any name you like.  It can be anything from Anthony’s attic to Zambia or even Alpha Centauri if you so desire.  Add entry and exit dates for that location and hit calculate to see how long you have stayed at that place.  You can also have multiple locations to keep track of different residencies.

There are also optional special condition calculators:

  1. Check if the residency requirement has been satisfied for applying for Australian Citizenship.
  2. Check if the residency requirement has been satisfied to apply for an Australian Resident Return visa subclass 155.
  3. Check if the residency requirement has been satisfied for applying for Canadian Citizenship.

For those who are interested, here is a page of the help files from the app.

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