MicroProse is Back!

I mean really. They are really back. Have a look at this.

I don’t know if Sid Meier is coming back, but it sounds like “Wild Bill” Stealey is working with them. Old, but maybe still valid news piece:

Bring on F-15 Strike Eagle IV, Gunship 2025, Knights of the Sky The Other Side, Airborne Ranger II.

Bring back the days when EAW meant European Air War instead of Empire at War. I don’t have anything against Empire at War, and I love playing it too, but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why people wanted to stop playing Star Wars Battlefront II to load up European Air War.

I don’t know how, but bring back Gilman Louie and build Falcon 5 or 6 or whatever number is next. Then release another 1000+ pages phone book binder edition manual that you can whack someone with.

Bring them all back!

Funny how I stumbled on to this. Started out last night, I was thinking of days gone by. Of the times I’ve had and the things that I’ve left behind. This morning saw more sad news about C-19. Then a headline “… Airborne…”. The distracted mind went straight to Airborne Ranger. They really should remake that game. I wonder what happened to MicroProse. Then I found MicroProse is Back!

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