If you are after the T.F.X. soundtrack, it is here.

The review section of this page is done completely from memory. I have not played the game in over a decade but I think T.F.X. deserves a page on my site because the soundtrack is absolutely awesome. It is so awesome that back in the day, I hooked up two PCs to record the soundtrack.

So what is T.F.X.? T.F.X. stands for Tactical Fighter Experimental and was one of the best flight sims of the 1990s. Fly for the U.N. in the EF2000, F-22 and the F-117 Nighthawk over various fictional hot-spots around the world.

Release Date



Very realistic flight sim except for guns and fuel.

The graphics were top-notch for the time and each plane looked very good, inside and outside.

It was the first flight sim to introduce the external fly-by camera and it looked very good.

It had a very good virtual cockpit view. I don’t think you could see the instruments properly but the whole pilot head movement when the plane moves just looked great.

Best soundtrack from a flight sim EVER! Along with Command & Conquer, T.F.X. had the best game soundtrack during the 90s.


The fuel was un-realistic and I found that flying the EF-2000, I always ran out of fuel.

The guns fired too slow for jet fighters.

Other Points

Box art picture was taken from DJ :: OldGames with permission.

I was so crazy about T.F.X. back in the day that I even tried to draw the EF2000 on my folder divider.


I really liked Falcon 3.0, Gunship 2000 and Knights Of The Sky.

Computer Played On

  • 486
  • Soundblaster 16
  • That is all I remember!

T.F.X.: The Soundtrack

The absolutely awesome T.F.X. soundtrack was composed by Barry Leitch. I contacted Mr. Leitch seeking permission to provide the soundtrack for public download. He replied that unfortunately Ocean Software are the copyright owners of T.F.X. including the soundtrack and so he cannot grant the permission.

In my research I found that Ocean Software was acquired by Infogrames and later Infogrames acquired Atari and after that they changed their name from Infogrames to Atari Inc. I contacted Atari Inc’s legal department asking for permission for T.F.X.’s soundtrack. They replied:

We do not own the rights to “T.F.X.” Although we acquired Ocean Software, from our records we only got the rights to the “OCEAN” marks. Because the purchase was so long ago and was done the UK, we do not have any contact that we can forward on to you.

So it looks like T.F.X. is in ownership limbo. As such, I have decided to provide all the recordings I made years ago, to the public. Some of the music is already available on YouTube, but I am too lazy to generate a video to put up on YouTube.

If you are the owner of the copyright to T.F.X. please contact me.

The names of the tracks are the names I gave them when I recorded them. I do not know what their real names are.

The recordings on this site are of the Soundblaster version of the music.

If you download this soundtrack, there is one thing that I ask of you, KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE. The T.F.X. soundtrack is too good to be kept in the basement of oblivion never to see the light of day.

Download T.F.X. Soundtrack zip.

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